ognesperanza: (Furies away!)
Nico di Angelo ([personal profile] ognesperanza) wrote2013-07-08 10:34 pm
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minor hiatus/slowatus

 OH RIGHT I SHOULD PROBABLY MENTION THIS HUH not important enough for cfo, but I'm gonna be hangin' out with two kids and their family for five days. Then i'll be heading to Niagara Falls and then I'll have normal Internet back again. so! idk if I'll have an Internet connection for the next couple of days, or even if I'll have enough time. but just to be safe, i'm declaring a slow-atus for the next week. Starting with tomorrow l-lol oops getting on a plane at 10am or some shit.

If i miss anything big bury me with my guns on and dress me in ashes because i'd be sad

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