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detective Nico is on the case!

okay, my memory is failing with all this shit. i can remember word-for-word what Nico's said in the last ten threads he's been in but i can't remember what people told him a week ago... Nico remembers better than me, so-- Note pad, investigator style! What has Nico found out about the system of death here, and the history of Camp? now i won't have to search for threads when he's sharing information.

Moogles--"like a video game" ~ Ankh?
Revived within few days or week or hours or minutes--it depends ~ Jiu Wu
someone pissed off the Moogles once, and the revival crap stopped working? the Loudspeaker talks too much, and not enough

Camp NPCs
The Director--Elizabeth Sayre
the fiancee--Stephen Debussey--Director thought was murdered, was alive, shows up sometimes
Loudspeaker--Director's brother--never a straight answer; seems that way with everyone in charge here...
there's another loudspeaker too; he thinks it's the one that did the underwear poem
Marcy--hangs in the ocean near the lighthouse

basic stuff everywhere ~ thanks, Toko
monsters get harder further in caves, but get repetitive ~ Breeze and Takeru (and has done it)
lighthouse--was a jewel in it that people wanted or something, but it's probably not anymore
castle--can't get to it
wasteland obvs

Dark Matter doesn't work on it ~ Ronan...
explored first couple days--goes all the way around, yada yada
rare or never that people get hurt/punished for messing with the barrier ~ Mikoto?

Camp History
eight years or more
swamp->farm->swamp->here (Dracula's valley?)
Camp disappeared into a void ~ anniversary poll
Jumanji happened? what's Jumanji
date auctions...
"some psycho locked people in a house and ate them."
"giant robot in Groucho Marx glasses attacked everything"
"Jason Voorhees kidnapped people to perform a song & dance routine in Hell"
"carnies, and a dinosaur at one point, and something that was NOT Galactus but wanted to eat the world, or something?"
a body in the freezer for three years--definitely important
Evil Robot Santa Claus?
Landshark attacks
Cannibals cursed or something, were in Camp a while back, a whole tribe or something

Fun Facts
showers and sinks spray blood sometimes
Tuesdays, sex/animal changes, sex & sugar banned, etc.
cake, punching, and kissing turns you back after bodyswapping

Loudspeakers and those behind them
Jason Voorhees?
ATE PEOPLE?! kidnapped into basement ordeal (that was fun)
body in the freezer for three years--who? why? how? what.
giant robot with glasses?
i want to go home. can i go home yet
lighthouse? why? jewel? what?

The Quest for Bianca (and Other Troubling Leads)
The Sou Hun Qu--the Soul Collecting Melody--has the ability to bring a person back to life. Can release your own soul if you get it wrong.

she's gone. it's impossible now. i don't...know what to do.