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Nico di Angelo ([personal profile] ognesperanza) wrote2013-09-28 06:20 pm
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General Threading Mischief

[how hard can it be to find one son of Hades who makes it a habit of hanging in the shadows and disappearing for days at a time?]

[maybe he's in the caves, getting his level up on]

[or perhaps he's hanging in the Black Forest, being cool and dark and myste--or just being Nico di Angelo]

[but maybe today he's actually in his room in the Stationhive, floor 2, room 1, Karkat's old room. gray walls, a few knickknacks, an unmade bed, clothes everywhere, and his laptop on his desk. oh, and he has a black electric guitar. suck it. or you know, enjoy the wrinkly puppy running around excitedly]

[or he's in the Dead/Undead HQ that Norman and he have called their own. not too far into the caves, before the medium monsters' territory begins, there's a hallway in a wall that didn't have one before. at the end is a good sized living room, rectangular and comfortably furnished. and yeah, there are probably zombies hanging out in it]

[hell, maybe he shadow-traveled somewhere he didn't mean to. oops, my bad! THE OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS, MY FRIEND]

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