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wow have i really not done one of these since i first got into Camp???? . . . oops.

WELL THEN. Relationships / Questions / First Impressions / ANYTHING GOES meme! for all my characters, who are: Nico, Hiccup, and Lavie.

AND THEN I'LL ASK YOU QUESTIONS AND STUFF and we'll have a blast you love it ok go
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First impressions for Hiccup + Al? AND any Nagisa + Nico updates!!

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me. everyone. hi.

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First impressions for Hiccup and Sam :D
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WHOOPS, sorry this took so long! I got busy, and then I got distracted and kept forgetting . . . SO! let's jump right into... Hiccup and Sam!

little Hiccup thought that Sam was pretty cool. I mean, he's not the coolest around, but he shared his comic book! And he actually followed Hiccup into the library and junk, and didn't yell at him when he fell from the bookcase. LOW STANDARDS FOR PEOPLE, YAYYYYY!! But like, Hiccup's not used to being paid much attention to except when he's breaking stuff, so Sam showing some kind attention to him was nice. SO Sam's an alright dude who's pretty generous and kind, and he'd like to play with him again and drag him off, if the opportunity came up!

now that he's not like, six, Hiccup doesn't remember everything in detail, just vague stuff, and it's kind of fuzzy. So he mostly has the memory of his general feelings about stuff, so! Upon meeting Sam again, since Sam looked after him and played with him when he was small, he'll have that general feeling.

AND THEN I FORGET that Sam and Hiccup talked on that I BLEW UP THE MESS HALL thing, so!!! present-Hiccup had the first impression that Sam was a joking and general fun dude. I mean, he set fire to the Mess Hall and Sam was still nice to him. So, awesome! And he complimented Hiccup, so...even better!!! And it wasn't in the way that makes Hiccup feel awkward. It's about one of his inventions!!! And not one of his self depracating stuff SO YES, Sam's a cool dude, 5 stars, would snark with again.

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(reminder: Jason, Pepper, Jean, Makoto and Chiaki)
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Jason + Hiccup

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Hiccup really likes Jason! Like, Jason is the person Hiccup is closest to in Camp, second only to Toothless. He's really taken to him. Jason listens to him, doesn't dismiss him, jokes with him without that condescending tone that he's been used to for 15-some years, and says nice things about him to his face. Jason accepted Toothless almost instantly, and he doesn't really seem to be judging Hiccup at all. Hiccup just feels very . . . free with Jason. He's free to talk, free to think and think out loud, free to joke and talk about his home without any judgmental jokes, comments, or looks. (because only Berkians can make fun of Berk. It's still home, y'know?) Hiccup feels just slightly more confident around Jason, like he doesn't have to keep throwing out jokes as if to remind the other person, "Look at me! I'm a complete failure! Aren't I hilarious?" Mostly because Jason keeps going, "Hey, look. You're more than you think you are." And while Hiccup's like AHAHAHA NO, YOU HAVE NO IDEA, DUDE. it's still......nice. It's weird and makes him uncomfortable, but he doesn't want the positivity to STOP, so.

BEING ABLE TO TALK ABOUT HIS WORLD WAS RAD. Like I said, he loves storytelling, and he loves talking about dragons. So the two together is SUPER DUPER RAD. He's not the greatest storyteller, because he second-guesses himself and has really, really low confidence. He tends to cut himself short (in more ways than one), and so cuts his stories short. Hiccup could easily tell his adventures in a really epic way, and Jason would totally be on the edge of his air seat, so to speak. But Hiccup feels like he's not interesting, even with the gentle prodding to continue, so. We'll see if he ever gets over that with Jason helping him out!

And man, how about that philosophical debate? That was GREAT. To say that there aren't any smart and/or intellectual Vikings on Berk who aren't Hiccup would be an outright lie. It's just that none of them would be or have ever been willing to have deep, aloud thoughts like that. It's not Viking. You hit things and you move on with your life. Boom, bam, thank you ma'am, hammer to the face of your enemies and here's your dinner, sleep tight.

Hiccup has all these thoughts jumbling around in his head, but no outlet for them. I feel like he definitely talks to Toothless about a lot of the stuff he thinks about, because BEST BROS OL' BUDDY OL PAL FOREVER. And he was actually able to speak with Jason--with, not AT--and he got a LOT of feedback. Jason took him seriously! And they had a really deep discussion for a couple of minutes! And Hiccup got more comfortable with himself, and-- Oh man. I have to find this deleted scene for you, because WOW. Does it EVER show how dismissive most Berkians were with Hiccup.

Here, Astrid comes into the stall while Hiccup and Gobber are there. Go, watch it first. It's adorable and dumb and so Hiccup and Astrid and Gobber. The way she asks about Hiccup's inventions, all invested--and then then hears that it throws weapons for you, and tosses the designs aside with a dismissive, "Oh." It's just . . . Gobber is p much the only person who talks personally and intimately with Hiccup. Gobber speaks Hiccup's language, in that his advice and feelings talks are threaded into sarcasm and jokes. But other than that, no one's really willing to give Hiccup's thoughts the time of day. At least, not to the extent that he would like.

So, throughout that philosophical debate--which was very civil and not a single person was slapped across the face with a sturgeon--a new Viking record!--Hiccup became more and more comfortable with Jason, and more confident in speaking his mind. NEW BESTIE, after the dragon, of course.

Oh, by the way, Jason and Toothless should so get stuck at a table under the full moon, eating a lovely raw fish dinner by candlelight. Courtesy of Camp, of course. Because I just remembered that conversation, and it was hilarious.

tl;dr Jason is Hiccup's closest human bro. Hiccup's shared more himself with Jason than with any other person his age. (Because let's be real, Astrid is not the best when it comes to talking about feelings, or having riveting debates. She punches things to solve them. She is Annabeth+Clarisse. . . . terrifying /shudder)
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