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Character: Nico di Angelo
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Character Age: 12

Canon: Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a witty, dry humored series with one main plot: Greek gods and goddesses are real, and they really do get dirty with mortals. Except Olympus and Co. now call America their home. Cool, right? Not so much when you happen to be a demigod, or half-blood, and mythological monsters lurk to kill you at every turn. Too bad they're weak to only specially forged blades and can smell half-bloods miles away. Most don't make it past their fifteenth birthday. Plus, there's a prophecy that says the half-blood born of one of the Big Three—Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades—will save or destroy Olympus. Percy Jackson fits the bill. Of course, there isn't just one… That would be too easy.

Meet Nico di Angelo, the only surviving son of Hades. Sullen, scowl-y, and prone to angst, Nico pulls the Underworld look together with black clothes and a habit of talking to ghosts. He can send the souls of the overdue to Hades, and summoning an army of skeletons is a habit of his. It's who he is, and he takes on the role with interest. Because people aren't receptive of children of Hades (i.e. he gives people the willies), Nico travels alone, frequenting the Underworld and searching for answers. Anger simmers below the surface as he bottles it up, and his guilt haunts him. Although bitter and lonely, Nico gets why he freaks people out. Despite Nico's heritage, he tries his best to do the right thing. Even if he tends to get manipulated by practically everyone, including his father. He's gullible. While he has grown in the past two years, he still tends to act like a brat when antagonized or demanding, and he's impulsive. Even so, Nico thinks he can be a hero, if given a chance. Smart, curious, and wary, he only wants friends who'll accept him. Though he'll swear he doesn't need anyone. He talks to the dead more than the living, anyway.

Note: Nico is from The Last Olympian, but before he starts searching for Percy, who goes missing.

Sample Entry:

Tell us about yourself in a few words.
I just met you, and you're telling me to explain myself? Whatever. I'm not saying anything personal. I'm Nico, son of Hades, and I don't plan on fulfilling any prophecies. Oh, and I'm twelve. That's a normal thing to say when you meet someone, right? Uh, anyway…

Why are you joining our happy community?
Wait, joining? I'm here to fix your death problem, that's it. Dead people aren't supposed to be walking around. And zombies are definitely not a good thing. It's messing with the balance between the living and the Underworld. That makes it my problem. It just feels…wrong here. Once I figure it out, I'm gone. I don't plan on buying real estate in some weird summer camp, no matter how cool the atmosphere is.

What do you expect from your camp experience?
Answers, I guess. There are a lot of zombies here. Maybe I can get them to talk to me, and I'll get some real answers. I've never met a zombie, but ghosts are really hard to understand. Imagine going through all that work to call a bunch of souls, sacrifice and all, and the soul just mumbles at you. One time, an old guy spent two hours telling me useless anecdotes, like getting old and that one time he fought the Vietnam war on his own. It's frustrating. I mean, the sacrifice is only a grave filled with Pepsi and McDonald's Happy Meals, but still. Constantly getting vague answers and leads that go nowhere sucks.

Why are you a valuable asset to this camp?
I can help. I know I can. No one trusts me because I'm…weird or something. And I kind of mess up a lot. But I can fight! I'm not like the other kids my father had, I don't… I can be a hero, too. I'm not useless.

Do you think you are good in a crisis? Why?
Oh, you're…listening to me? Okay. Um. Well, I can summon a bunch of dead people that listen to my orders. I'd say that's pretty useful. I can do other stuff, too, but…you know what, I don't care if I freak people out. Whatever. Releasing souls, making a wall of black stone, shadow-travel, and pissing off my step-mom who likes to turn me into a flower. Deal with it.

Do you have a five year plan in mind?
I'll be lucky to live another year. Planning five years ahead isn't on my to do list. What do you think I am, twenty? I'm not ancient.

Can you perform a flawless headshot? If not, and if your life depended on it, how many hours a week would you be willing to spend on the shooting range?
Swords are more efficient. If you slice someone's head off or strike them in the gut, they'll go down. Same result, no ammo. So, none. Bullets don't work against monsters, anyway. My sword works for me.

Would you be able to dispose of the flesh of the undead? How?
Whoa, disposing of the undead? You aren't just shooting zombies, right? I don't think that would free their souls. They do have souls, I can feel it. From now on, leave the zombies to me. When a soul who's overdue gets sent to the Underworld, their bodies turn to dust. They have before, anyway. I'm not going to dump rotting body parts into the lake or something. I don't want to be at the receiving end of an angry naiad, or whoever rules that lake. I have enough problems with gir— …Uh. Next question.

Can you swim? Never learned.
- Could you still do it under extreme distress? I would drown, like I said. Stop asking.
-- While dragging someone else to shore? Are you even listening, or do you want to kill me? I said NO.
--- While something, let’s say a tentacle, tries to drag you under? What's wrong with this camp?! If you want me dead, just try it. Otherwise, back off.
---- How would you handle that situation? I'd die and go to the Underworld just to get away from this weirdo place. Like I'm doing right now.

…Why can't I leave. If you did this, I'm gathering the zombies together and taking over. I'm sick of people controlling my life. This place is going down. Starting with whoever's in charge. You can't just play with people's lives. I might be a kid, but I'll show you how dangerous I can be. I can make a difference, and I'll prove it.