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Name:Nico di Angelo
Birthdate:Nov 22
Location:the Underworld, United States of America

♇ son of Hades ♇


❝His hair was a shaggy black mess. He wore a black T-shirt, black jeans, and a new silver ring shaped like a skull. His Stygian iron sword hung at his side.❞ -Battle of the Labyrinth, page 360

No one should have to brave the Underworld alone.❞

Nico di Angelo, son of Hades
13 years old,
originally taken from The Last Olympian . . . now from Son of Neptune,
before things get really terrible

Io sono stato con Amore insieme
da la circulazione del sol mia nona,
e so com'egli affrena e come sprona,
e come sotto lui si ride e geme.
Chi ragione o virtù contra gli sprieme,
fa come que' che 'n la tempesta sona . . .

faceclaim Skandar Keynes mmm
played by [personal profile] royul_thyme

Interests (35):

ancient greek, annabeth, being a traitor, bianca di angelo, black clothes, daedalus' labyrinth, dark things, dead sisters, demigod, don't eat underworld food, finding answers, greek mythology, guilt, hades, half-blood, mcdonald's, not demeter, not fucking jason grace, not jason gdi, not mortals, not pegasi, not persephone, percy jackson, rp, shadow-traveling, she's a bitch, skeletons, soda, stygian iron, swearing in ancient greek, the dead, the night, the underworld, trying to impress dad, typical hades child
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