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stats below the cut~ i ramble, forewarning I'M NOT SORRY

Age: 13 years old
Height: the wiki says 5'6" but…he's 13, man. is that normal? he's like, my height, and i'm…not 13. whatever. /sulk
Weight: light as fuck, he doesn't eat enough. his slightly-baggy shirts kind of hide that, but not much.
Medical info: scars from a blade here and there, and he's too skinny. not skin-and-bones anorexia-levels, but. kid needs a sandwich. also, cold to the touch, but not hypothermia; see physical traits.
Eyes: Brown and brooding
Hair: Black as all Hell (get it?)
Physical traits: shaggy black messy hair, black T-shirt, black jeans, and a silver ring shaped like a skull. there's a skull armor ring on that same hand, thanks to Takeru. A Stygian iron sword constantly hangs from his belt. It's death black. His jeans are usually ripped, and he typically wears a leather aviator's jacket one size too big for him, when the weather permits it. that jacket has seen some shit, man. with Percy's return to Camp, Nico wears a single Camp Half-Blood bead on a leather cord around his neck, tucked under his shirt. He has pale olive-colored skin, since he's Italian, but he has an American accent. His eyes have a dark fire in them, the kind that makes you wonder if he's a madman or a genius. He radiates a kind of old energy, "a melancholy that comes from knowing he doesn't belong in the modern world." Oh, and he feels cold to the touch. not death-cold, but like...his core body temperature is way lower than should be healthy. yet he doesn't act like he has hypothermia. WEIRD.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING i know the House of Hades thing now i got this guys
Abilities: Oh god. Okay.
1) performing a ritual to 'summon' ghosts and chat, which really just calls to all souls and the ones who bother to come do so
2) ripping a crack in the earth and summoning forth skeletons of soldiers from the losing sides of wars who listen to his orders--also banishing them and controlling them in certain ways, such as giving orders or putting them to sleep
3) earthbending looming jagged black walls of some kind of stone, as if straight from the Underworld, that rises out of the ground with a great ferocity BOOM stalagmites of death
4) sarcasm
5) shadow-traveling, which is teleporting, by running through shadows—can only do once or twice a night
6) swordsmanship
7) releasing the soul of someone who's overdue for death and sending their soul to the Underworld, no slicing and dicing involved (obviously won't be doing this with campers/counselers unless there's some event monster with a soul and the ones orchestrating it are okay with it)
8) the acute ability to continue to piss one Percy Jackson off and make him dislike him
9) naturally emitting a slight fear aura, which spooks everyone around him—he can't control it
10) uhhh looking majestic in all black? oh yeah and
11) sensing when a mortal soul has moved on to the Underworld, and if someone is dead, and basically just sensing death shit in general. oh yeah and and
12) bending animal bones up out of the ground, making them weave into whatever animal they were, and making it scamper off AND
13) violently sending earthly roaming ghosts to the Underworld. that's all I got. I think. YOU CAN'T BLAME ME FOR FORGETTING SHIT. lOOK AT THAT LIST.
14) sensing someone's life aura, as it fades, literally watching someone die I AM SO DONE WITH YOU RICK RIORDAN life aura, really
15) affecting particular worldly ghosts, such as lares, in a multitude of ways. grabbing them by the ear and pulling them away, silencing them by simply putting a finger to his lips... awesome shit.
16) DEATH TRANCE, where he goes into a kind of meditative trance, controlling his breathing and staying barely alive.

Notes for the psychics/magically or spiritually sensitive: Being the son of Hades, Nico gives off a bad aura. Normal people feel it, man. It makes people nervous and tends to give them the willies, like he's bad juju. To animals, he smells like death. And he pretty much lived in the Underworld, which pings as dead and dark and NOT GOOD, but not evil. If you can tell he's a half-blood—half god, half human—comment on it, do whatever. PSYCHICS, HARK: Inside, he's a constant chaotic storm of self-doubt, guilt, mourning over his sister, anger, frustration, and loneliness. If you want specifics of whatever he's thinking atm, just hit me, I'll ramble at you~ or tl;dr. as you can tell, I talk a lot. I'm not sorry. i actually cut this down a little
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/start fights/etc?: oo baby. yes/talk/yes/yes/yes. Just prepare for sword. VIOLENCE AND ANGER. AND SWORD. he won't be stabbing everyone willy nilly but Nico has a short temper, and while he can take a punch, he's always armed if he can help it. And his sword can hurt mortals, mythological beasts, and ghosts alike. If something's getting a little too far, ping me and Nico'll trip or get hassled by a zombie or something, whatever fits the tone.
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: YES PLEASE he will flail and he blushes every time a girl hugs him tease him relentlessly he is a twelve-year-old boy fuck yes
Maim/murder/death: no delimbing/talk/talk. i'm all for torture tho, if only for plot reasons, but i likes me boys with all their body parts, and maiming might...break him. CUT UP AND BLOODY is cool though, fuck yes. you might be able to persuade me for death, since dying and coming back would affect Nico very, very strongly, but. Not for a long time. LOL TIMMY TEMPTED ME. WE'D HAVE TO TALK FIRST.
Cooking: AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA maybe like, grilled cheese. The only foods we know he eats are cake and ice cream. OTHERWISE WHAT IS FOOD.
Other: never be afraid to jump me or tag me or whatever! i want to play with everyone. everyone. i'll collect you all in a cavern underneath the Mess Hall if i have to. there is no canon that i'd be adverse to mixing with. …that said, if you play 1) the Ring girl from the movies or 2) the Grudge girl from the movies i will scream and cry and never sleep. but i'd try my best anyway…