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Hey there! Is Nico's driving a bit wonky? Maybe he's too sullen, cranky, or vengeful? Not enough? Not acting as pawn-worthy as he usually does? (Poor manipulated sap.)

Because if this kid's not mowin' peep's perception of him down with skeletons and ghost-summoning, i'm doin somethin wrong.

C'mon, I love critique! Make it constructive and shit, all that fun stuff, if you will. And I reserve the right to tell you you're wrong. ...Well okay not wrong, but I'd like to discuss it so I can see why I'm failing, and I can go through Nico's thought process in my head. He doesn't come as naturally to me as some other muses of mine, so...

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That's the short and long of the usual, right? go nuts.
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shush this is my favorite icon ok

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HEY Y'ALL Nico was updated to the end of Mark of Athena . . . last month . . . on the first of July, actually, the date he was actually updated to in the book. I'M A TERRIBLE HUMAN AND TOLD ALMOST NOBODY.

SO changes your character will probably notice if they see him around!

-Nico's really skinny. and this time it's not just Scrawny (Italian) White Boy. he's barely above starvation levels. this means bony arms, even tinier frame, etc. he eats a tiny bit whenever he's around people, but that's pretty much it. BOY COULD USE SOME PRESSURE, REALLY.
-at the beginning of July, his cheeks were gaunt, his eyes sunken into his face . . . he looked dead. imagine those WWII pictures of POWs . . . and that was Nico. he didn't get out much, but if you hang out near the Stationhive/woods, you probably glimpsed him.
-thankfully he doesn't look dead anymore. but he's still not Okay.
-because starvation, he's wearing his leather aviator's jacket a lot. in the summer. THAT'S KIND OF STRANGE even for him. he's still fairly susceptible to the cold, it's a symptom of starvation i looked it up. /preens
-he actually managed to get paler than he was before. he probably looks like a vampire.
-barely getting any sleep, so he has even worse bags under his eyes than before, etc.
-nightmares nightmares nightmares galore! (hello Pitch Black, I'll tell you the details later)
-much more grumpy and quick to anger; almost never smiles; his eyes look kind of dead, like they've lost a spark . . .
-but don't worry, he still gets that madman glint in his eyes, like you can't be sure he's a genius or a psychopath
-more paranoia YAY
-he's not really in the Stationhive as much. when he does sleep, he doesn't want to keep anyone up with his nightmares, so . . . he only sleeps in his room when someone convinces him to. and knowing his friends, that happens every now and then.

"BUT CAN NICO STILL KICK ASS FOR ME???" you ask? well!!

-since canonly, Nico was fighting monsters all badass about two weeks after The Incident on the first, he's almost up to speed as far as fighting goes. but he's still recovering

I think that's it! any other questions, please talk to me! and LET'S HAVE SOME FUN.
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wow have i really not done one of these since i first got into Camp???? . . . oops.

WELL THEN. Relationships / Questions / First Impressions / ANYTHING GOES meme! for all my characters, who are: Nico, Hiccup, and Lavie.

AND THEN I'LL ASK YOU QUESTIONS AND STUFF and we'll have a blast you love it ok go
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for some reason Nico keeps getting cornered into making promises to people. Cesare i'm looking at you SO a list of bad decisions therein

oh gods someone help he needs an adult )
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this is for all my characters because ahahhaha fuck making multiple posts or putting them all in a document, ehhhh

whoops this was private so i didn't think of cutting it. cut now! )
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[how hard can it be to find one son of Hades who makes it a habit of hanging in the shadows and disappearing for days at a time?]

[maybe he's in the caves, getting his level up on]

[or perhaps he's hanging in the Black Forest, being cool and dark and myste--or just being Nico di Angelo]

[but maybe today he's actually in his room in the Stationhive, floor 2, room 1, Karkat's old room. gray walls, a few knickknacks, an unmade bed, clothes everywhere, and his laptop on his desk. oh, and he has a black electric guitar. suck it. or you know, enjoy the wrinkly puppy running around excitedly]

[or he's in the Dead/Undead HQ that Norman and he have called their own. not too far into the caves, before the medium monsters' territory begins, there's a hallway in a wall that didn't have one before. at the end is a good sized living room, rectangular and comfortably furnished. and yeah, there are probably zombies hanging out in it]

[hell, maybe he shadow-traveled somewhere he didn't mean to. oops, my bad! THE OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS, MY FRIEND]
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[this kid is slumped at the base of a tree deep in the forest, nodding off and trying not to fall asleep]

[as he is now, anyone could sneak up on him]


Sep. 8th, 2013 02:52 pm
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okay, this has been long since coming. people keep giving him shit, so.....here's his inventory, full of stuff he's garnered up since he got here
god i'm so materially obsessed i feel like i'm in a video game and I'm picking up all the stuff along the way ALL THE THINGS. there is a reason i keep Faendal with me in Skyrim. i have too many nice things. BOOKS, BOOKS EVERYWHERE

Press A )
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[aka who just got captcha'd, i just got captcha'd! continuations from shit, go go go!]

[that first one there is from here, derp]
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just... putting this here... because headcanons. THIS IS WHY NICO IS SO SKINNY GUYS

i fuckin love this blog ok. it's a short comic thing )
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okay, my memory is failing with all this shit. i can remember word-for-word what Nico's said in the last ten threads he's been in but i can't remember what people told him a week ago... Nico remembers better than me, so-- Note pad, investigator style! What has Nico found out about the system of death here, and the history of Camp? now i won't have to search for threads when he's sharing information.

there's actually a lot here, considering. i ask the right questions )
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WHOOPS missed 1000 comments by 100! whatever, close enough. the last 100 was probably mostly back-tagging anyway. because i'm awesome not

COME ONE, COME ALL for first impressions from this brat! alternatively, take this opportunity to get me tagging with you~ gotta catch em all

THAT'S IT RIGHT?? ok. wait do people even do this anymore? whatever i'm allowed

you can ask whatever else you want too i guess i like talking
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ok, I'm losing track of all my research sites, so I may as well put it here. to be added to later!

cut for your sanity, see i'm nice )
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 OH RIGHT I SHOULD PROBABLY MENTION THIS HUH not important enough for cfo, but I'm gonna be hangin' out with two kids and their family for five days. Then i'll be heading to Niagara Falls and then I'll have normal Internet back again. so! idk if I'll have an Internet connection for the next couple of days, or even if I'll have enough time. but just to be safe, i'm declaring a slow-atus for the next week. Starting with tomorrow l-lol oops getting on a plane at 10am or some shit.

If i miss anything big bury me with my guns on and dress me in ashes because i'd be sad
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okay so it's not exactly a 'sight' but. HI ARE YOU DEAD/HAVE BEEN DEAD/DIED IN CAMP/DEATH IS YOUR FATHER???? Nico can sense anything death-related to the soul etc. so… I just need to know so Nico can properly glare at you once he picks it up. you're messing up the order of things stop it

He can only sense mortal souls, but it's up to you if this only pertains to human souls or not. MORTAL NON-HUMANS WHAT IS GOING ON It'd confuse Nico, that's for sure! If you don't want Nico sensing these things with your character COMMENT TOO it's cool

tl;dr if you're dead or have died or have deathsoul things or the grim reaper resides in your eyeballs, whispers come to me


Jun. 30th, 2013 10:17 pm
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because I know how much the audience loves this shit.
...ok so it's for mostly selfish reasons my memory sucks and I'm gonna need this.



Jun. 30th, 2013 10:01 pm
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player contact info CLICK ME IT SCREAMS )
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stats below the cut~ i ramble, forewarning I'M NOT SORRY

click here for death )


Jun. 30th, 2013 08:53 pm
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Voting was here, yo

aaah my app is exposed all impudent and shit )
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