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Nico di Angelo ([personal profile] ognesperanza) wrote2013-07-17 02:49 pm
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when too much time on my hands meets desire to quality

ok, I'm losing track of all my research sites, so I may as well put it here. to be added to later!

Dyslexia: Book How To; Positive Things! Book; Kid's Outside Perspective; First-Person Account: Blog Post by person with dyslexia;

ADHD: Basics;

Myth: Belief & Culture; King Minos; PJO Fields of Asphodel; PJO Fields of Punishment; Elysium, Isles of the Blest (Blessed?); Dis Pater; Basic List; Clash of the Gods: Hades Video; Hades & Persephone POSITIVE SIDE Video; Cute little video Odysseus & the Cyclops; Οδύσσεια (The Odyssey) Movie; Hippolytus story; Godchecker: Tons of Shit; the story of Aeneas, the wind dude;
--GHOSTS-- Lares and Penates (Roman); Prayers to Lares, Penates, & Manes; Shades--when they gather round Nico's graves;

Language: How to pronounce Latin; Learn Ancient Greek; Ancient Greek and Latin; Ancient Greek to English dictionary search;

Italy: Venice in the 1930s, a short video clip; Information on the different districts of Venice and their attractions;

Death Customs: Death & Burial Ceremonies; Dia de los Muertos; Pan de Muerto/Dead man's bread & How to make it; DdlM Altars; Sugar skulls & How to make them; Posada's Catrina; Ancient Greek Practices concerning the dead;

Other: Fighting Physics; Sword Physics; Sword Classes; Camp Connecticut--Nico SO summoned ghosts here, headcanon dictates it is so; Ancient Greek Footwork in Swordsmanship!!!!!!; Ancient Greeks & Alcohol; What Fourth Graders Learn and What Fifth Graders Learn;

Unrelated but Cool: DEMONS, BABY--King Solomon's an idiot & Demons--

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