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Nico di Angelo ([personal profile] ognesperanza) wrote2013-09-08 02:52 pm
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okay, this has been long since coming. people keep giving him shit, so.....here's his inventory, full of stuff he's garnered up since he got here
god i'm so materially obsessed i feel like i'm in a video game and I'm picking up all the stuff along the way ALL THE THINGS. there is a reason i keep Faendal with me in Skyrim. i have too many nice things. BOOKS, BOOKS EVERYWHERE


     (x1) lead Hades figurine [ canon ]
     (x1) Stygian iron sword & sheath [ canon ]
     (x1) sword belt [ canon ]
     (x1) aviator's jacket [ canon ]
     (xx) drachmas [ canon ]
     (x1) small canteen of nectar [ canon ]
     (x1) baggie of ambrosia [ canon ]
     (x1) silver skull ring [ canon ]
     (x1) duffelbag of Percy's demigod goodies [ under bed ]
     (x1) Camp laptop
     (x1) Camp shotgun [ under bed ]
     (x1) notebook
     (x1) Captain America trading card [ slight imperfection in color ] (had two, gave one to Jack)
     (x1) 1TB external drive [ (1) period drama ]
     (x1) homemade dreamcatcher
     (x1) photograph of di Angelo family circa 1940s [ black and white ]
     (x1) zombie action figure
     (x1) electric guitar [ black ]
     (xx) seam-ripped clothes [ so many--SENRI--now bedding for dog]
     (x1) striped red shirt [ seamripped--bedding for dog ]
     (x1) Shadow the wrinkly, slobbery puppy dog
     (x1) deck of Mythomagic cards [ Camp-given ]
     (xx) embarrassing photos [ parrot costume, sex ed, etc. ]
     (x1) photo of Coulson sleeping with Cap plushie
     (x1) photo of Hamel tortured with glitter
     (x1) glow-in-the-dark clay skull necklace
     (x15) Mythomagic figurines
     (x1) skull armor ring
     (x1) Vaje the demon horse [ kept in stables, Percy cares for it? GUESS NICO DOES NOW ]
     (x1) awesome leather jacket decked in skulls [ Tiir is gr8 ]

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