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Nico di Angelo ([personal profile] ognesperanza) wrote2015-05-29 01:37 am
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How Much Death? (HMD)

Hey there! Is Nico's driving a bit wonky? Maybe he's too sullen, cranky, or vengeful? Not enough? Not acting as pawn-worthy as he usually does? (Poor manipulated sap.)

Because if this kid's not mowin' peep's perception of him down with skeletons and ghost-summoning, i'm doin somethin wrong.

C'mon, I love critique! Make it constructive and shit, all that fun stuff, if you will. And I reserve the right to tell you you're wrong. ...Well okay not wrong, but I'd like to discuss it so I can see why I'm failing, and I can go through Nico's thought process in my head. He doesn't come as naturally to me as some other muses of mine, so...

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That's the short and long of the usual, right? go nuts.

[personal profile] vanosperanza 2014-03-01 09:14 am (UTC)(link)
Best kid brother a big sis could ask for.

I suppose he's pretty great.