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Christmas gift plans!!! uhuhuhuhu

this is for all my characters because ahahhaha fuck making multiple posts or putting them all in a document, ehhhh

☠Percy ; people- and monster-shaped cookies and a blue-and-green wristband, a trident embroidered on it. IT'S MANLY AS HELL, FUCK YOU
☠Leo ; a spherical 3D maze with a little metal ball to navigate through it. there are swinging parts, see-saw levers, little winding railways, tiny swinging axes of death and other Labyrinth-like traps to maneuver through. it's a maze ball on steroids. it looks chaotic at first glance, but it's all just one machine with a dozen different ways to get to the goal. he may have called in a favor for this one. (and if you use your son of Hephaestus "I'm gonna move these machine parts with my mind" crap to cheat, you are dead to me.)
☠Clarisse ; a Celestial bronze knife with a hook set into the end of the handle. left somewhere for her to find. like hell he's going through that awkwardness
☠Ronan ; something dangerous that will more than likely explode?
☠Billy ; iiiiidk
☠Takeru ;
☠Alvis ; a heavy, leather-bound book of Greek and Roman mythology. the last ten pages are his own hand-written stories. those are stories he's lived himself. the Sword of Hades isn't in there, though; that has to stay a memory
☠Jack Frost ; blue gloves with swirly white designs on them. they're warm and good for packing snowballs
☠Hiro ; probably not a way he can kill someone this time. man, idk
☠Norman ; comics? something to do with the dead? an E-Z Pass card to get through the line to the Underworld? (not that Nico would let him go through alone, but you know)
☠Jiu Wu ; a moose. yes, an actual, hog-tied moose. you're welcome.
☠Jade ; deluxe sewing kit and a box of homemade cookies in vague Christmas shapes
☠Brianna ; a knife with a strap that ties to the thighs
☠Jack ; a Captain America trading card (that Coulson had originally given him) and a few random comic books
☠Alphonse ;
☠Tiir ; people-shaped cookies with raspberry and strawberry filling, natch. the tiny people bleed! he may have communed with the dead to figure out how to do this. fucking filling...
☠Dio ; Pop Rocks, Mentos, and Coke. also a red and gold scarf. he also got something for his Campverssary but i still haven't figured that out sigh
☠Bucky ; ?????ummmmm?????
☠Tony ;
☠Vanya ; a CD of violin music with a picture of a sparrow on the cover and a small set of Legos
☠Pitch ; leather-bound notebook with a fountain pen attached. pictures of his nightmare sand statues from Halloween are stuck in the pages (i don't care about your hatred for Christmas, you're getting something, dwi)
☠Nagisa ;
☠Harley ; uhhhhh a get out of jail free card? IDK
☠Hamel ; a black witch's hat with a gaudy pink bow tied around it and a small sewing kit. you're welcome for the pack of angry skelerats and possum. (just...because, dammit, don't think about it too hard, you'll hurt yourself)
☠Pepper ; an expandable steel baton and a stress ball. the latter is because Tony Stark

SNOGGLETOG MOTHERFUCKERS, pretty sure they give gifts
☀Toothless ;

??? Christmas??? Is that a thing???

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