Aug. 4th, 2014

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HEY Y'ALL Nico was updated to the end of Mark of Athena . . . last month . . . on the first of July, actually, the date he was actually updated to in the book. I'M A TERRIBLE HUMAN AND TOLD ALMOST NOBODY.

SO changes your character will probably notice if they see him around!

-Nico's really skinny. and this time it's not just Scrawny (Italian) White Boy. he's barely above starvation levels. this means bony arms, even tinier frame, etc. he eats a tiny bit whenever he's around people, but that's pretty much it. BOY COULD USE SOME PRESSURE, REALLY.
-at the beginning of July, his cheeks were gaunt, his eyes sunken into his face . . . he looked dead. imagine those WWII pictures of POWs . . . and that was Nico. he didn't get out much, but if you hang out near the Stationhive/woods, you probably glimpsed him.
-thankfully he doesn't look dead anymore. but he's still not Okay.
-because starvation, he's wearing his leather aviator's jacket a lot. in the summer. THAT'S KIND OF STRANGE even for him. he's still fairly susceptible to the cold, it's a symptom of starvation i looked it up. /preens
-he actually managed to get paler than he was before. he probably looks like a vampire.
-barely getting any sleep, so he has even worse bags under his eyes than before, etc.
-nightmares nightmares nightmares galore! (hello Pitch Black, I'll tell you the details later)
-much more grumpy and quick to anger; almost never smiles; his eyes look kind of dead, like they've lost a spark . . .
-but don't worry, he still gets that madman glint in his eyes, like you can't be sure he's a genius or a psychopath
-more paranoia YAY
-he's not really in the Stationhive as much. when he does sleep, he doesn't want to keep anyone up with his nightmares, so . . . he only sleeps in his room when someone convinces him to. and knowing his friends, that happens every now and then.

"BUT CAN NICO STILL KICK ASS FOR ME???" you ask? well!!

-since canonly, Nico was fighting monsters all badass about two weeks after The Incident on the first, he's almost up to speed as far as fighting goes. but he's still recovering

I think that's it! any other questions, please talk to me! and LET'S HAVE SOME FUN.


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