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Death Sight: Activate!

okay so it's not exactly a 'sight' but. HI ARE YOU DEAD/HAVE BEEN DEAD/DIED IN CAMP/DEATH IS YOUR FATHER???? Nico can sense anything death-related to the soul etc. so… I just need to know so Nico can properly glare at you once he picks it up. you're messing up the order of things stop it

He can only sense mortal souls, but it's up to you if this only pertains to human souls or not. MORTAL NON-HUMANS WHAT IS GOING ON It'd confuse Nico, that's for sure! If you don't want Nico sensing these things with your character COMMENT TOO it's cool

tl;dr if you're dead or have died or have deathsoul things or the grim reaper resides in your eyeballs, whispers come to me
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Oh goodie I get to be first.

Koyomi (this one) is dead. She's basically an animated corpse living by means of magical energy and she knows this ain't right. (Canon has yet to tell us what specifically is her actual deal but there are still ten more episodes? sob) She is super sensitive about it/is scared of people finding out and she gets defensive about being confronted with things like that. Her stats explain it a little more in-depth.

Jiu Wu ([personal profile] powerisyours) has died in camp a few times and you're welcome to give him the stinkeye for it. He knows all about messing up the order of things and he don't like it either.

Nagi ([personal profile] captiously) mmmmight count but only in that he's a 15 year old highly trained psychokinetic professional assassin. He hasn't died, though.

My other kids haven't been killed or anything yet.
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Cindy [personal profile] justwannahave has never died and is the most immortal of all my characters. She is not a human but an alien from another dimension or something who happens to be a fairy tale.

Tiffany Aching [personal profile] runstowardsfire has walked through Death's Door and gone back out again because witches are basically cheaters if they can get Death to look the other way. Also a human from another planet with a relatively benign anthropomorphic personification of Death. [She has died quite horribly in a Wolf Game multiple times, but that is not known to her in Camp and she is not likely to ever find out.]

Guy of Gisborne [personal profile] redemption_fail is dead in canon and he is quite aware of it. Completely normal human.

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Hi! So. Trahearne is not dead and never has been, and also not human and never has been, but he's a necromancer, so he may well ping Nico.

(Trahearne also may or may not be unable to die unless killed - we don't actually know if sylvari age or not. They're born as adults and he is literally the oldest one, at 24 years old, so, uh. We'll find out when he does whether or not he can die of natural causes, I guess. XD)
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OKAY, so there are a few of mine who apply.

Ash [personal profile] possessive is a human reincarnated dragon also has died in camp a few times.

Kakei [personal profile] pharmanoncon has died in camp!

Riddle [personal profile] mycondolences is dead! He's also a reaper! And has half a soul. His partner Hayato has the other half, but he's perfectly human and alive.

Shusei [personal profile] andwatchmeburn has reincarnated several times and remembers it all. I suppose that can count. He also had his heart stopped and was technically dead for a while in canon. He woke up later again though.
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Ryuuken ([profile] doctorquicy) is human and not dead, but he is a Quincy and can sense spiritual presences and powers, etc. He can also see souls and stuff, too.

Sion ([personal profile] a_natural) is human, although he had a close brush with death which resulted in his white hair and red scar.

Luka ([personal profile] brandloyalty) is a Duras (demon) of a very high rank and has blood of the Demon King infused in his body. He's several hundred years old and still kicking.

Kanda ([personal profile] withoutregret) is a science experiment that was created to house the brain of a former exorcist. His Innocence (a holy substance that makes up his sword) is in his blood. Or something. IDK my bff D.Gray-man. He's died several times in canon.

Tatara ([personal profile] inlovingmemory) is super dead and knows it. He is imbued with the Red King's aura, which is something akin to fire, and has the power to manipulate it.

Nai ([personal profile] simplegifts) is a human/niji hybrid. He's got super hearing and some other stuff going on, but he's pretty normal and alive otherwise.
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Ryuuichi [profile] voicessshadows died due to an accident and was revived after a while.

Rei (this one) has five personalities who all would seem/are dead souls. He's also a psychic of sorts and has no idea about the dead thing yet.

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Neither Vanya ([personal profile] noteworthy) nor Jade ([personal profile] fourthsaken) have died and both would likely ping Nico as completely normal. Jasper ([personal profile] emotionallyavailable) has died, but he's of the immortal/vampire variety.

Norman here has never died, but he has his own death things going on. Norman can see and understand ghosts and the undead, and talks to them quite freely, more comfortably than he talks to living people, actually. This includes the zombies of Camp who he considers his friends. So, that is definitely something Nico is free to notice, especially because Norman's pretty open about his ability.
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So Castiel is an angel so rather than a soul, he has Grace! He has died and been brought back a few times, though that was before Camp, so idk if it applies. BUT LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANY MORE DETAILS and I'll offer them.

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Hamel is half human, half demon, son of the Demon King. Demons are immortal as long as they don't run out of magical power (they can be killed though) so I guess that makes him… half immortal? idk man you decide. The demon part of his soul gives dark pings like whoa, but he keeps it under control for the most part.

Xellos is a mazoku, a demonic spiritual being. He lives on the astral plane and the form people see is in fact a projection he creates. He's immortal unless you kill him and pings SUPER FUCKING EVIL.

Neither of them died.

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Jennifer has died twice in canon, and an additional 4 (I THINK?) times in Camp. There's a bit of a complication to the fact that she was human during only two of her deaths, and she's currently a demon, so... not really mortal at all. I play it as more of a walking dead human/demon soul hybrid thing (demon sort of fused onto her regular soul, with the addition of immortality+powers). Do with that what you will, I guess?! lol sorry
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Damon is a vampire, and as such is undead and immortal, and feeds on the blood of humans.

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Sizer is an angel/human mix. She's also part demon (Hamel's sister, actually) but the angel/human ping is what sensitive people pick up so make of that what you will!

Even if he doesn't notice the angel ping her wings are kinda telling.
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Brianna has died twice in camp and once (PERMANENTLY AND TRAGICALLY) in canon, pretty recently (like three months ago)!! ~DEAD KIDS~

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Felix is a totally normal mortal being who is canonically dead and may well glare right back because he doesn't love the idea of people in Camp knowing that he is!

...except that camp will eventually tell everyone anyway and it is totally cool for Nico to notice/mention it and maybe he'll even get away with it 'cause he's a kid.

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OH BOY okay

Wakaba ([personal profile] beautytopsthe) is a Shinigami! She was mortal, died, and is now...undead? The Shinigami don't age, can heal almost all physical damage to their bodies etc. Also death is a bureaucracy in her world; there's a list of people who are supposed to die when, and her job is to investigate either when people don't die on time or they die early (eg murders). Nico can totally give her the side eye and mention it; she doesn't advertise it in camp but she's been here long enough that she doesn't freak out when it comes up.

Toko ([personal profile] keepspromises) is like Shusei--she's more or less mortal, but her soul has been forcefully reincarnated multiple times (outside of the normal death-life-rebirth cycle). She has some memories and knowledge of her past lives, so it's cool to mention.

Ouka ([personal profile] blindstheworld) is...special! Her original body died 13-ish years ago (at age 3), but one of the...not-quite-Gods of the world moved her soul into a cloned body of the original. She's also the vessel for a potentially homicidal angel, but Raphael is dormant in camp so no idea if Nico would sense that. I'm still waiting for canon to stop being a tease and tell me how she's doing at the end of this arc so I haven't updated her to knowing all the messy details about her past yet. But if it comes up, I'm sure we can work stuff out :3

Chibiterasu ([personal profile] mothers_sun) is the odd one out of my group in this case. He's a young sungod and hasn't died before. But I'm pretty sure Nico can see the red markings on his fur, and he's totally free to sense weird things from the puppy. Also the puppy has power over lots of things, but mostly nature and the sun so yes. WOULD YOU LIKE CUDDLES Y/Y

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Billy is a reincarnation of ... uh ... basically a fragment of a demon's power that his mother used to shape into twin boys entirely unknowing, but who now is human comic books are hard. He's used to twelve year old boys staring at him and making comments because young Loki does it a lot. He apparently died in some stupid story but I ignore it because it's stupid.

Colette cannot "die" in the strictest sense; her soul resides in in the crystal attached to her chest and when she dies it is trapped there. It is a complete abomination and anyone with any senses would be able to pick that up. She has not died, because she cannot.

Haseo has an AI attached to his soul that is all about the fear and terror that death brings. He has not died, because he's a soul stuck inside his video game character.

Ronan died in canon but was brought back due to wizardry, which is like DIVINE SCIENCE!!!1111 He also used to be the avatar of what would be Athena, but on death that stopped. He'd be very bemused at Nico going >E at him because the order of things needed him alive.

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MINE ARE COMPLICATED AND I AM SORRY. Both aren't dead but have Special Weird Circumstances.

Details on Hanna are here, but basically he smells hella dead to vampires and one of them called him a "cursed rotten hollow shell of a boy." Since the comic is on permanent hiatus and will never get finished NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS but if you feel like running with "something is off," that is a-okay with me. ALSO he's died three times in camp, oops.

Alphonse has a living, human body, but it's been taken away to kind of another plane of existence. 8Ia Right now he's just a soul bound to a suit of armor (more details here) annnd the reason it all happened is because him and his brother tried to bring someone back from the dead. Like with Hanna, I'm totally cool with it if you wanna play with that somehow!
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Marvelous (redmarksthespot) died once, but he got better by the next episode. He is also a SPACE ALIEN from OUTER SPACE so that might be weird wires crossed.

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Shuichi is a normal human and has died in camp a few times after literally kicking a bucket.

Genta is a human with special powers but has never died.

Ankh: Ho boy. This one's a little complicated. In canon, he died and was then revived. Canon purposely left out the specifics about his revival because the movie was post-series and lol timeline antics. All we can assume is that the medal that was holding his consciousness was put back together again. Whiiich brings us to what Ankh is. He's an embodiment of humanity's sense of desire and is also made up of the essences of hawks, peacocks, and condors. Basically, Nico's probably going to see a whole clusterfuck of stuff from Ankh.

Ankh technically isn't immortal but there's only one way to permanently take him out. Barring camp events and super powerful/godmod stuff from other canons, he can't die in camp.

I HOPE THAT MADE SENSE. Let me know if you need more details!

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Dean Winchester has died .... several times. Possibly over a 100. He has also met the last Nico who was in camp so he knows about Nico's powers vaguely. Also he's been to Heaven/Hell/Purgatory and personally met Death.

Kirk has died once. I won't say more because spoilers.

Stefan is a vampire. Which means he's technically dead!

Sailor Lead Crow has died in canon. Bring it up and she will be pissed though.

Jack Frost has died and came back to life as ... Jack Frost. He's well aware of the circumstances of his death, even if he's not very open about it.

Shion Liddell is dead in canon and he won't like it if it's brought up either.

Renjou Hotsuma, Clint Barton, Edward Elric and Inigo are exempt.
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Thor is really the only one of mine who applies--he was killed and magically revived years before coming to Camp, and has repeatedly encountered and fought with/escaped from Hela, the Norse Goddess of Death, several times since. He is, however, also a god himself, so... yeah. Otherwise immortal.

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inheritstheredsouls: (This is what I fight for)

Spoilers ahoy!

[personal profile] inheritstheredsouls 2013-07-02 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
AkaRed is essentially the spirit of all Sentai Reds, except he has a human body and so might ping as some kind of demigod/guardian spirit type...being? But there was a time when there weren't any Super Sentai due to the first 34 teams sacrificing their powers to save their world (thus creating all those Ranger Keys), so he ended up being more mortal and human between then and when the 35th team, the Gokaigers, were formed. And because there weren't any Super Sentai around the time it happened, he actually died died. But then Marvelous returned the Ranger Keys at the end of Gokaiger, so all Super Sentai exists again, meaning that he may have returned to the living. Maybe. Toei hasn't quite confirmed it yet, but this is the general consensus among the toku-borg here in CFUD.

He may also ping oddly beyond the whole dead thing because, as the spirit of all Sentai Reds, he embodies their fighting spirits. Sooo one human(-esque) soul, confirmed dead, with connections to at least 35 other souls.
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Natsumi (this account!) has died briefly; she had the life force sucked right out of her a while before she came to Camp. ... she got better though.

Kotoha ([personal profile] moefortono) hasn't died, but she has had her soul stolen from her before and that put her close to it. I wasn't sure if that was a thing, but in case it is, there's that!

Those two are both human. Luka ([personal profile] yellowhasthechest is humanlike but definitely an alien, although she's never died. So if you'd like to play around with nonhuman souls I'd be game for it!
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Ryner is the latest incarnation of a demon/god/insanely powerful thing who has reincarnated as a human thousands of billions of times and therefore died thousands of billions of times. Except he was born human (with magic eyes) and only had the reincarnation thing implanted in him later IT'S COMPLICATED so I don't know how that meshes with your stuff but. Feel free to sense whatever you'd like, and if you want more clarification I can try.

...There was also one time where he may or may not have died and come back to life in this incarnation too I'm... not actually sure about whether he died the full way or not there...

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Roxie died in her world but since her world works differently (read: like a classic video game), she's pretty much good to go back there after camp without there being a massive "BUT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD, WHAAAA" uproar. So do with that what you will!

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